"You don't, but We Do."

About Us

“But you have God-blessed eyes—eyes that see! And God-blessed ears—ears that hear! A lot of people, prophets and humble believers among them, would have given anything to see what you are seeing, to hear what you are hearing, but never had the chance." 

- Matthew 13 : 16 & 17

About Us

Mid Atlantic Audio Visual Services is a Christian based multi-media company purposed to answering the divide between ministry and media. The strength of any event is witnessed through the content it provides to its' audience whether it is through preaching, teaching or musical worship. However, many conferences and events lack the ability to share this work using the multiple media platforms that speak to all generations.

Mid Atlantic Audio Visual Services (MAAVS) is designed to bridge this divide by packaging powerful content through audio/visual, video, photography, Livestream, CD/DVD duplication, website, graphic design and social media. In addition to using cutting edge technology, our team will provide training to your organization before, during and after your event. Utilizing these essential tools, will empower your company to engage your target audience with excellence.